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MusicBoxPete Artist of the Year 2015: Jack Romanov

Photo Credit: Jonathan Acosta & Abi Hassan

The votes are in and the readers have spoken, jack Romanov is MusicBoxPete's 2015 Artist of The Year Award recipient! It was a close battle right until the very end, but the guys zoomed ahead of the competition to take the crown and cement themselves as one of the top artists on the site over the past year. These guys have taken over my life ever since first seeing them at TT the Bears back in January where they played alongside Pulitzer Prize Fighter, and have made the pilgrimage to see them countless times since then. The guys have the inate ability to change the tempo of their sound on any given dime, starting with frontman Nick Aikens and his crooning vocals interlaced with some piano, then transitioning to Nico Renzulli's pounding and relentless percussion abilities. They also add an extraordinary amount of flare and energy to their performances, whether it's bassist Esteban Cajigas performing with no shirt on, to guitarist Michael Mirabella having musical seizures on stage, seeing Jack Romanov live is an experience like no other and you can be guaranteed to be left with an memorable experience embedded within your mind. With their upcoming release "After Ignorance, Before The Start" set to be released in the New Year, there will be plenty more in store from these guys that are beginning to find their stride.

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Listen to their music on Bandcamp right here.

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