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Boston Manor Take Us Back To The 90's With Retro Music Video For "Gone"

Blackpool, UK's most beloved citizens Boston Manor have just put out their sleek and retro vid for their song "Gone" off their latest EP "Saudade". The clip looks like it was created in the early 90's on old school VHS with that classic grunge look that the lads pull off so well, and recreate with remarkable accuracy without trying to be corny. Early 90's grunge music is the basis for the influences of the band, most notably with guitarist Michael Cunniff, even though the band has a emo-punk sensibility attached to it. Michael also sports a Brand New tattoo on his chest with "Sic Transit Gloria, Glory Fades", from their album Deja Entendu in tribute to the band that inspired him to create music, and having those influences puts everything in perspective for Boston Manor, a band whom I grown to love deeply and gotten the opportunity to know personally over the years dating back to when they were on my "Towering Over London" compilation. When they sent me a thank you package along with a personal note that I still keep on my desk at all times, I was blown away when I received that and I'm constantly reminded of the great friends I have across the pond that have become my best mates conjured up through our deep respect and mutual admiration for one another and their music.

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