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Boston's Own Aloud Announce Tour Dates, Indiegogo Campaign For Virtual Reality Themed Music Vid

Boston based rock and soul outfit Aloud have just announced a string of tour dates, with an appearance this Thurs. 5/5 at The Verb Hotel, along with an Indiegogo campaign for their ambitious new music video for "Falling Out of Love", set in a virtual reality environment. The clip allows you to swipe to different angles of the video with a drag of the mouse, and presents the band in a totally interactive environment like no another that transcends boundaries and makes the impossible clearly possible right before your very eyes. Members Jen de la Osa and Henry Beguiristain contribute a great deal to the musical stability of the group, and have been featured before on the site as a collective that are utilizing their creative juices to the highest degree, and are putting that said pedigree to great use right here before you. I thought the video was absolutely groundbreaking and just plain visually stunning, and it definitely represents the next creative step for the group as they make their way through the scene as pioneers of sorts with this ambitious new project.

To donate to the group's Indiegogo campaign, click on this link here and for more on Aloud, 'Like' them on Facebook over here and check out their official homepage for more in depth info surrounding the duo at this perch right here.

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