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Atlanta, GA's The Tin Man Blows Everything Out Of The Water With His Folk Marksmanship

The Atlanta based folkie known as The Tin Man is turning heads left and right with his exquisite folk stylings and brilliant lyricism that is starting to shift gears full speed ahead. He has that raw, lyrical honesty that is all the more prevalent in folk music today with acts like Mumford & Sons, but he has that uncanny ability to keep the audience's attention squarely focused on him and what he has to say. I was all the more enthralled when I heard his music for the first time, and I wholeheartedly gravitated towards the raw, potent lyricism of the songs that contributed largely to the delicate folk melodies abound that is all the more palpable when you hear it for the first time. To say I was impressed with his music would be a gross understatement, as I feel that The Tin Man is crafting some of the most realistic and down to earth tunes out there today that will increase your love for the art of songwriting that much more simply by checking out his music.

For more on The Tin Man, 'Like' him on Facebook right here, follow him on Twitter at this spot here, and check out his official homepage at this locale here for links to stream his music online.

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