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Jesse Ruben Is "Scared of America" On New Single

Philly based singer-songwriter Jesse Ruben continues to impress and dazzle listeners on his brand new single "Scared of America". The song details the struggle of a woman looking to make a living despite all the personal problems going through her life, and is scared of what's to come for her moving forward. Jesse presence throughout the song is more than comforting, and acts as a personal narrator of sorts as he helps guides the subject towards a meaningful decision that will better her life, and make her look forward to each and every day. Jesse has been featured on the site previously, and what I enjoy the most about him is his ability to keep it simple and weave intricate storylines within his music to make his composition that more appealing to the listener that will keep them hooked and become a devoted fan of Jesse's music in the process. A tremendously talented individual whom I truly feel is absolutely bound to go places moving forward.

To check out "Scared of America" for yourself, it's available on Soundcloud over here, and for more on Jesse Ruben please 'Like' him on Facebook at this spot here and check out his official homepage at this junction over here.

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