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Buffalo's Pride And Joy Head North Set For 7/1 Mid East Upstairs Show In Support of New LP

Buffalo based cosmic rockers Head North are setting their sights on Boston this Saturday 7/1 when they make their presence known at The Mid East Upstairs in support of their brand new album titled "The Last Living Man Alive Ever In The History Of The World" that is out now. The band blend together the worlds of Stephen Malkmus with an arena rock mentality that is putting music listeners on notice to check out their dynamic musical blend. I had to find out for myself what these guys were all about, and was pleasantly surprised with what I heard featuring pulsating guitar riffs, intoxicating vocal interludes, and a strong rhythmic syncopation that has made the guys become a conversation starter after the show has ended as everyone is buzzing about how great everyone was. Head North definitely have an aire of originality about them that is stunning to experience on record, but checking them out live in person will be a totally different beast in of itself, and it would definitely be worth your while to check them out in person as the long 4th of July holiday escape begins to get into full swing. An amazing, undiscovered act that is worthy of getting into.

For more info on the show and to RSVP, click on the FB Event listing here and for more on Head North, please 'Like' them as well via this channel here, and check out their official website located over here for more in depth info surrounding the lovely gents.

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