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Richmond, VA's The Trongone Band Set To Grace Boston w/ Their Presence @ Mid East Upstairs on 10

Hailing from Richmond, VA comes the Americana infused sounds of The Trongone Band, who will be playing locally at The Mid East Upstairs this coming Wednesday, 10/4. The group have a wholesome, down home Southern rock style to their sound, with splashes of The Allman Brothers thrown in to give off a sense of originality and a little bit of a retro feel as well. You may remember I did an interview with the guys back in July, and I was completely blown away at how truly authentic and laid back each of the guys were, especially brothers Andrew and Johnny Trongone who have some roots in Massachusetts as they were originally born in Lowell. Having that connection to their home state, and staying true to themselves is what makes these guys such a treasure to watch and listen unfold right before you. On their debut album "Keys To The House" that came out back in June, the guys have made a majestically beautiful and sonic masterpiece that eloquently demonstrates the musical resolve that each of the gentlemen possess, and with their aforementioned connection to the Boston area makes you open up your heart that much more to the guys.

For more info on Wednesday's show and to buy tickets, click on this link here and for more on The Trongone Band, please 'Like' them on Facebook from over here, visit their official homepage at this spot here, and check out "Keys To The House" on a number of streaming music providers.


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