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LA Based Indie Studs Vista Kicks Set Their Sights To Mid East Upstairs on Wed. 2/28

Photo Credit: Taylor Noelle Krause

LA based indie outfit Vista Kicks are setting their sights to Boston on what is expected to be an incredible show coming this Wednesday 2/28 to The Mid East Upstairs in Cambridge. The band brings the warmth and spirit of the California coast with their energetic and carefree jams that will have you grooving along all night breaking out a sweat, and making sure that your eyes are squarely focused on their handsome faces all night long. The band consisting of Derek Thomas, Sam Plecker, Nolan LeVine, and Trevor Sutton all have an innate ability to connect with listeners in a way that no other group can, and they do that by making sure their fans are being well taken care of throughout the whole night. The band's sound has trademark indie vibes, with some slight surf rock juxtaposed on top of some hip rattling rhythms that are reflected on their latest LP, "Booty Shakers Ball". Their live sets border on legend with their matching suits showcasing their ingenuity and creative resolve that is on the highest level. And if you're lucky, the band sometimes get pretty hot and bear some skin that results in some hooting and hollering, and lack of complaining from the crowd whom will be witnessing an eye pleasing and ear comforting show that will definitely be the highlight of the year so far. An epic band that is worthy of discovering right now.

For more info on Wednesday's show and to RSVP, click on the FB Event listing here and for more on Vista Kicks, 'Like' them on FB here, follow them on Twitter here, and find out more about the fellas via their official website conveniently located here.

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