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Boston's Own Ruby Rose Fox Drop New Single "American Daddy" Ahead of New LP Release on

Photo Credit: Kayt Silvers

Boston's own indie collective Ruby Rose Fox have just released their brand new single "American Daddy", which is just a taste of their brand new album "Salt" that will be out on June 22nd. The track features haunting melodies and ambient piano interludes that complement the outstanding vocals from Ruby that really help the track reach new heights never before deemed possible. The work of Josh Friedman on keys can't go unnoticed, and you may remember him from his time with The Fates who were also featured on the site before, and his immense talents contribute greatly to the success of this track and the band as a whole. Each member of the group contributes something unique and extraordinary to the group, and having seen the group in person before I know for a fact that they are an absolute powerhouse live, and hearing this track in person will best exemplify the group's creative spirit that they have amassed over time. A terrific track that needs to be heard in order to be believed.

To check out "American Daddy" for yourself, it's available for listening on their Soundcloud page here and for more on Ruby Rose Fox please 'Like' them on Facebook from this spot here, and check out their official website over here for more in depth info surrounding the group.

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