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Boston Based Rock Outfit Juniper Are "Here For The First Time" In Exquisite Music Vid

Boston based rock outfit Juniper are garnering new fans left and right with their brand new music video for their latest single "Here For The First Time". The video is a mellow, picturesque affair with the group performing outdoors basking in the warmth of air, and bonding over their love of performing together. The group consists of Scott Johnson, Alejandro Marin, Cam Ayer, Ahren Shreeve, and Sebastian Themelis. The guys have been featured on the site previously, and I was completely floored at the depth and breadth of their talent that is apparent the moment you hear them for the first time. It's almost as if they've been performing together their entire lives as they're so immersed in their craft that it comes entirely natural for them. Their musicality and ability to feed off of each other's creative energy is so exquisite that you'll be left speechless at how impeccable everything is about them from their ability to perform, charisma, good looks, and overall appeal from an aesthetic standpoint. A marvelously talented outfit that you'll want to scoop up and have all to yourself.

To check out their vid for "Here For The First Time", you can check it out on YouTube here and the song is available on all major streaming platforms as well. For more on Juniper, please give them a 'Like' on Facebook from this perch here, see their handsome mugs on Instagram over here, and please visit their official website at this spot here for more in depth info surrounding them.

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