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2020 Bands of Summer Labor Day Edition

Wrapping up the summer with another heaping dose of topless bods in my Bands of Summer photo spread. A great way for fans to see another side of musicians that they'd never thought they ever see, it's also a way to let loose, have some fun, and provide for some comfort during these extraordinary and challenging times. As you know, this year I expanded from 2 editions a year to 3 and for this edition, have added 2 honorable non-musical entries to expand it even further. To round out the summer, we have a local entry from Millis, MA's own Baxter Hall. Also making a return appearance is Drew Moore, Ryan Sulken of Harbour, plus a couple of sports teams entries including one from the Pingree School hockey team based out of Hamilton, MA. And to help close out the summer, here they are:

Baxter Hall

Some local flavor in store from Millis, MA based singer/guitarist Baxter Hall. I had the opportunity to interview Baxter for my podcast back in May, and I was blown away by his exquisite talents and laid-back demeanor which really shine through

when you talk to him. Baxter had plenty of free time this year to do some outdoor jam sessions including this one in the midst of the summer heat in which Baxter wisely decided to ditch the shirt and let his guitar do the talking. His blazing hot skills with the guitar will leave people swooning, much like his majestic and illustrious hair.

Andrew Trongone (The Trongone Band)

A rather revealing pic coming in from Andrew Trongone, frontman for the Virginia based The Trongone Band. Having some Bay State roots as he was born in Lowell, Andrew makes the rounds with his brother Johnny in the band, bringing their outstanding musical abilities as well as their beautiful hair around to people all over the country. One thing that they've been doing this summer is performing on a socially distanced backyard tour at places in and around the Virginia area, and to drum up interest Andrew ditched all his clothes and posed for this steamy pic with only a strategically placed guitar. A swooning and sexy pic for sure, Andrew will have plenty more fans as a result, only wishing they could see his backside as well.

Drew Moore

A return appearance from Orlando, FL based Drew Moore. You may remember him from his time in Helicopria and under his stage name Drew Of The Drew, where he lets his bass talents explode off the musical canvas, along with his penchant for the color green and often performing shirtless that really arouses the crowd. Like most musicians, Drew has been holed up in the studio letting the creative juices flowing, and this pics comfortably shows him in his element sans shirt as only Drew would have allowed it. It's unclear whether he's wearing pants or not in this pic, but it doesn't matter as Drew is a magnificent looking creature who is hard to look away from.

Ryan Sulken (Harbour)

Another return entry coming in from Ryan Sulken, drummer of the Cincinnati based indie outfit Harbour. You may also know Ryan from the band BoyMeetsWorld, along with his brothers Craig and Brad whom I've had the pleasure of featuring on the site and interviewing as a group back in 2014 at Buffalo Wild Wings in Mansfield in my personal favorite interview of all time. Ryan is also an extremely charismatic and ridiculously good looking individual as he often performs shirtless, and this pic taken from his Instagram feed shows him in his barechested glory along with a sexy mustache (which he has since shaven off). Ryan knows how to let loose, have fun, and give fans exactly what they want.

University of Tennessee Men's Basketball Team

The first of two non musical entries this year comes in from the Tennessee Volunteers men's basketball team. With most collegiate sporting teams returning to practice later than usual due to the pandemic, most teams have been finding a way to condition and workout together, while still being cautious of what's going on in the outside world. This group pic taken from the team's Instagram account shows all the progress that the team have been making in the weight room, all while sporting masks. This also serves as a PSA that masks are important, and that you look damn sexy while wearing one too!

Pingree School Boys Hockey Team

Rounding out this year's edition with a local entry from the Pingree School boys hockey team. A prep school based out of Hamilton, MA, the team was one of many who had a very promising and outstanding regular season, only to have their playoffs cut short in early March due to COVID. Amongst one of their standout wins was against Western New England College in February, and after the victory the team decided to go "tarps off" and pose for this shirtless celebration pic that shows the joy and elation emanating so strongly from the team. It also shows the team's strength and appreciation for all of their fans who have supported them along the way as well.

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