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Get A Sneak Peek Inside Boston's New Converse Rubber Tracks Studio

Boston got a new addition to their glistening skyline back in July when Converse Rubber Tracks opened the latest itieration of their studios right in the heart of Beantown, just steps away from the TD Garden. The studio is fully equipped with everything at a music lovers disposal with a luxurious piano, drum set, keys, amps, guitars, bass, pedals, and pretty much everything under the sun gathered right at your feet. The control room has a sleek and contoured 32 input Neve Designs 5088 recording console, plus Ocean Way HR3 studio monitors and a Manley Gold Reference mic that will make your songs sound like it was plucked from the heavens.

I also got the opportunity to chat with a band that applied all the way from South Africa by the name of Diamond Thug. If you're not familiar with them, you will be in due time as they craft some of the most ethereal and beautiful music out there that is just waiting to be consumed by everyone around them. The group is fronted by Chantal Van T who also handles keys, Danilo Quieros on bass, Adrian Culhane on guitars and backing vocals, and Ted Buxton on drums. The music is an amalgamation of everything that inspired them growing up in Cape Town, and everything about this band just screams dreamboat with colorfully cultivated guitars, swooning vocal patterns that are unmatched, pulsating drum beats, and a tightly wound musical dynamic that you just won't find anywhere else. The band were some of the most nicest, genuine, and friendly musical souls I've come across, and they had an insatiable curiosity for everything around the Boston area, including some hotspots to grab some much needed food in the area! I also got the opportunity to chat with the band as well in which you can hear the full interview of on the MusicBoxPete podcast coming up on October 5th.

The gleaming windows allow you to look out at picturesque shots of the Boston skyline, with the iconic Zakim Bridge screaming over in the background, and gives the feel of a studio where passerbys can peek in and watch the magic unfold right before their eyes. It's not a traditional studio by any means, and that's the way it was intended when the plans were drawn up for this masterpiece inside and out. You own the copyrights to all songs you record, and there is absolutely no cost for you to record at all. A full staff of engineers are waiting at your disposal, ensuring that your recordings sound as polished and pristine as ever. Musicians and bands looking to apply for a recording session here can do so at Converse Boston's website right over here where you'll find the submission form along with a handful of other pertinent information that will guide you to your next recording studio paradise!

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