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Converse Rubber Tracks Announces Return of Newport Folk Festival Recording Week

Converse Rubber Tracks announced yesterday that they're partnering up again with the Newport Folk Festival for their recording week set to take place the week of July 25-July 29th. The weeklong residency is designed and tailor made for musicians to live out their dreams to record with Converse Rubber Tracks for free at their studios just steps away from North Station amidst the breathtaking backdrop of the Zakim Bridge that really makes you feel at ease right away. Any artist residing in the New England area is encouraged to apply, and registration starts right now and continues until July 11th. Three artists will be selected to get a two day recording session at Converse Rubber Tracks, and have the opportunity to perform on the Museum Stage at the Newport Folk Festival taking place the weekend of July 22-24. if your dream was to record at Rubber Tracks and to play at the Newport Folk Festival, this could definitely be your ticket!

To apply for the Recording Week contest, simply head on over to this link here to enter in your pertinent info and peruse the site while you're there to get more info on the Rubber Tracks studios all over the globe, and see which artists have laid down some tracks there as well.

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